Special Song for Terry, Allan and Del

For VIP in England, Oct '98

By Allan Hunt,
With apologies to
Alan Jay Lerner and
Frederick Loewe

(To be sung to melody of Gigi's "I Remember it Well")

Ad lib dialogue leading into:

Terry:   Oh yeah, oh yeah. I can remember everything as - as if it were yesterday!
Terry: (sings)   We'd meet at nine
Del/Allan:   We'd meet at eight
Terry:   I was on time
Del/Allan:   No, you were late
Terry:   Ah, yes! I remember it well.
The hours were long,
Del/Allan:   The hours were brief.
Terry:   I was the STAR!
Del/Allan:   No, you were the Chief!
Terry:   Ah yes! I remember it well.
We filmed upon Stage Nine.
Del/Allan:   That was `Lost in Space' . . .
Terry, `Voyage' was Stage Ten.
Terry:   That's right! That's right!
Del/Allan:   It warms our hearts to know that you
Remember still, the way you do!
Terry:   Ah yes! I remember it well. How often I've
thought back to Nineteen-seventy -----
Del/Allan:   (Correcting) SIXTY!
Terry:   -----five. When Riley and I first joined the crew,
Kowalski had greeted us with open arms,
the co-stars, and Irwin Allen, . . . too!
The flying sub!
Del/Allan:   They were all sets.
Terry:   Those scary beasts!
Del/Allan:   Marionettes.
Terry:   Ah, yes, I remember it well. . .
Those limo rides!
Del/Allan:   We always walked.
Terry:   We dined with stars!
Del/Allan:   They never talked.
Terry:   Ah, yes! I remember it well.
(spoken) Hey, Riley
(sung) You wore a suit of GOLD!
Allan:   I was all in blue. . . .
Terry:   Am I getting old?
Del/Allan:   Oh, no, not you!
How strong you were,
In every way. . . .
Our favorite Chief,
To save the DAY!
Terry:   Ah, yes!
I remember it, . . . . . . . . . . . well!

Copyright 1998 by Allan Hunt (All Rights Reserved)

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