(VOYAGE-IN-PERSON Convention, October 9-11, 1998)

Dedicated to
Terry Becker, Del Monroe and Allan Hunt


We have been waiting three decades to meet you,
It's been a pleasure to shake hands and greet you;
Getting to know you has been a great prize,
You three are three of our fa-vor-ite guys!

We so enjoyed your performance, your singing,
Your voices in our ears long will be ringing;
Please un-der-stand if the lot of us cries,
How can we part with our fav-or-ite guys?

Terry and Allan and Del, how we'll miss you!
Soon as this song ends, we'll reach for a tissue.
We will be smiling with tears in our eyes,
Say-ing good-bye to our fa-vor-ite guys.

Though gray hairs grow,
As the years go,
We'll re-mem-ber you!
We'll ne-ver forget you as long as we live,
So thank you and

Copyright 1998 by Alison Passarelli

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