(VOYAGE-IN-PERSON Convention, October 9-11, 1998)

Dedicated to the Cast and Crew of VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA

Verse 1:

Werewolves and Man-Beasts and Mermaids and Mummies,
Heat Monsters, Fossilmen, even Wax Dummies,
Lobster Men, Menfish, and Little Boy Kings,
These are a few of our fa-vor-ite things.

Enemy agents and really mean bad guys,
Strange seaweed creatures who look out through mad eyes,
Al-i-en space-ships with no o-pen-ings,
These are a few of our fa-vor-ite things.

U-boat commanders who just will not stay dead!
So ma-ny guests with a rubbery fake head!
Frostmen who want to turn winters to springs!
These are a few of our fa-vor-ite things.

When the sub rocks,
When the crew rolls,
When the engine quits,
The Ad-m'ral will think of a mar-ve-lous plan
Before Seaview blows -- to bits!


Verse 2

Lasers and stun guns and crazy reactors,
Four lovely years with our fa-vor-ite actors,
Dick Basehart's voice, David Hedison's ring,
These were a few of our fa-vor-ite things.

Morton and Sharkey, Kowalski and Riley,
Characters all of us thought of so highly,
Their weekly voyages surely would bring,
One of our absolute fa-vor-ite things! 

You men were part of our childhood, we know you.
Now we would like to say 'Thanks,' for we owe you.
Though it's not much we will gratefully sing:
VOYAGE was one of our fa-vor-ite things.

How the years flew!
How the world changed!
Yet one thing's still true:
We always will cherish our brave Seaview crew,
And send all our love -- to YOU!!!

Copyright 1998 by Alison Passarelli

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