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Episode: "The Lobster Man"

After hearing that the alien may have escaped from the Missile Room, Crane orders the crew to search for the alien. Inevitably, Kowalski and Sharkey hear the Reactor Room alarm, and burst in to find their first contact with extra-terrestrial life in the form if a giant crustacean.

As always, the alien begins to pull the rods out of the nuclear reactor. Seemingly unstartled, the Chief's first line is, "Get away from there!" After firing their totally inadequate cereal packet toy guns, Kowalski exclaims, "We gotta stop him!" Whereupon they attack (one at a time) and have the heck kicked out of them.

Later, minutes after he was saved by the alien, Kowalski is shot by the Lobster Man at point blank range. Why doesn't he die?

Quote contributed by Iain MacDonald

Episode: "Man-Beast"

Crane and Nelson are talking in the Admiral's cabin. Lee has just returned to the ship after his unauthorized second deep dive in the diving bell. The Admiral is worried about Crane's health:

"You had no right . . . no right to make that second dive without orders from me!"

"As Captain of this ship I had EVERY right to do it!"

"Oh, all right, all right! Let's not go through that again!"

Quote contributed by Liz

Episode: "Mutiny"

Seaview sits precariously on a ledge. Below the sub, a giant Coelenterate awaits. Will Seaview get away? Or will she founder and be lost with all hands like the Neptune?

In the Control Room are Admiral Jiggs Starke, Admiral Nelson, Captain Crane, Lt. Commander Morton and several other crewmen. Nelson orders Crane to blow ballast, to put a full up-angle on planes, and to proceed at all ahead full. Computer printout shows such a maneuver will sink the vessel. Therefore, Crane refuses to comply with Nelson's order. According to Naval Regulations, Admiral Starke relieves Crane of command. As he is leaving the Control Room, being escorted to his quarters by Chip Morton, Crane turns and elbows Chip in the stomach. The Captain grabs a gun and turns it on the officers--including Nelson. Crane informs the Admiral that Seaview is his responsibility and he isn't leaving till he gets the sub to the surface. Starke reminds Crane that mutiny is a hanging offense, but Crane doesn't waver. Following the instructions given him by the ship's computer, and over Admiral Nelson's protests and anguish, Crane orders a dive to 4000 feet: down angle on all planes; all ahead flank. Just as the computer predicted, the sub levels off and begins heading for the surface. At that point, Crane lays his gun on the Plot Table and turns to leave for his quarters. He pauses and turns back when he hears Nelson:

"I . . . I tr-- . . . I treated you like a brother. You drew a GUN on me! GET OUT OF HERE! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!"

Question: When hasn't Crane pulled a gun on Nelson?

Quote contributed by Barbara Paul

Episode: "The Ghost of Moby Dick"

Seaview has been severely damaged, yet Admiral Nelson wishes to continue the hunt for the great whale. Captain Crane is upset; worried that the Admiral has lost sight of the mission:

"We're not whalers. Bryce came here to kill!"

"No. He wants that research information for science."

"Oh, that's not true!"

"It 'tis!"

"Maybe when we started out, but not now! You're becoming just like him! You want that whale almost as badly as he does." Crane reaches for a book on the table behind Nelson and says: "Have you read this?"

"'Moby Dick'? Every word of it."

"Well I've been re-reading it. And I've marked a passage here about Captain Ahab."

Nelson waves his hand dismissively. "Yeah, I know all about Ahab."

(Pretty amusing considering Richard Basehart played Ishmael to Gregory Peck's Ahab in the movie "Moby Dick"!)

Quote contributed by Beth

Episode: "Edge of Doom"

Unbeknownst to Captain Lee Crane, he is under suspicion of being a saboteur. As part of his plan to ascertain whether Crane is himself or not, Admiral Nelson has reversed the Captain's direct order to bring Seaview to the surface (to clear the air after a fire in the Circuitry Room). An angry Lee Crane bursts into Nelson's cabin to protest:

". . . I'm taking this ship to the surface and I warn you, don't try to stop me."

In a taunting tone, Nelson asks: "And if I do?"

Ever the professional, Crane replies: "Admiral Nelson, you listen to me, and you listen good: I'm still Captain of this ship and I'm responsible for the lives of EVERY-one aboard."

Dripping with sarcasm, Nelson says: "Ooo, that . . . that can be changed."

Unable to contain his rage any longer, Crane seethes: "Then CHANGE it! But until you do, until you formally relieve me of my command, until you . . . you KICK me off the ship, then I don't want another order of mine countermanded! I hope I've made myself clear!" (Sound of door slamming shut in Admiral's face.)

Episode: "The Mummy"

Lee (feelin' mighty faint) Crane to the Admiral and others:

"Uh . . ." (blood-pressure dropping fast) ". . . nothing. I . . . I'm fine." "I don't know. Suddenly, I got dizzy. I guess I passed out." "Oh, I'm okay now. It's all right." "I'm all right, Chief." "There's nothing wrong with my nerves!" "I feel GREAT! I'm PERFECTLY fit for duty!" "Oh . . ." (about to keel) " . . . there's that dizziness again." "No, I . . . I . . . I'm all right now." "I'm feeling fine." "Oh, that's not necessary, I'm all right now." (Is this guy in denial, or what?)

Episode: "The Return of the Phantom"

Lee Crane/Gerhardt Krueger to Doc, Maria, Lani and Harry Nelson:

"Take care of za-- . . . take care of the Admiral." "Don't be afwait." ". . . a bottie zat vill let you feel za vawmce uff life again, ass I feel eet." "Laaaaaaaaaaniiiiiiiiii! Kom bak!" "I . . . didn't mean to hurt you. Believe me. I didn't mean to hurt you." "Put avay za kun! It iss USE-less against me."

Episode: "The City Beneath the Sea"

Harriman Nelson, undercover as "Harriman Jones", explaining who he is to the heroine. (Now remember folks, our dear Captain, operating undercover as "Lee Glenn", is missing in action):

"Name? Harriman Jones. Occupation? Lee Glenn's friend, enemy, partner, rival, big brother, blood brother . . . and sometimes I'd like to bash his head in. You?"

Episode: "The City Beneath the Sea"

Crane (a.k.a.--Glenn) to the arch villain's henchman--whom Crane has found in his hotel room:

"Sorry I'm all out of booze, I wasn't expecting company. . . Do you have any problems? Or are you just lost? . . . Oh, well! You've come to the right party! And I could be wrong, I just might have some booze."

Episode: "Doomsday"

Mankind appears to be on the brink of nuclear war. At his Fail Safe station, the soon-to-be court-martialed Commander Corbett has decided it is morally wrong to "push the button". Hence, he refuses to do his duty. He wonders how the Admiral can. Nelson explains:

"Because long ago, under conditions less nerve-wracking than we faced this morning, strategists and statesmen formulated a plan. A plan which you, as a military officer, have sworn to follow. If plans made during periods of calm are not followed to the letter in times of crisis, we can face only chaos. Our survival as a nation, as individuals, requires that we rely upon reason and not emotions. You want to sound the trumpet, Commander? Do it. But not in that uniform. And not aboard Seaview."

Episode: "Terror"

Nelson explains to Crane why the alien entity who had taken over the Admiral's body did not kill the Captain in the Reactor Room corridor:

"You kept telling me to try to break free, and I couldn't quite do it on my own, but, uh, your encouragement and my stubbornness, working together, stopped him just long enough."

Crane responds smiling: "Doesn't sound like a bad combination."

The Admiral sums up: "Well it's worked for us for some time, there's no reason why it shouldn't continue, huh?"

A grateful and relieved Crane answers: "None, Admiral. None at all!"

The Admiral chuckles and Seaview sails on to her next adventure!

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