A Listing of Alien Races in the Irwin Allen Universe


Doug Diamond

1. The Silver or Gold Skinned (or Suited) Race

Otherwise known as the metallic invaders. Humanoid bipeds with the ability to speak and carry out most human activities. Sometimes identified as androids. Usually have the good fashion sense to wear matching silver or gold shower caps!


2. The Pasty-Face Race

Also known as the ski-masked race of aliens. Humanoid overall, except that they lack identifiable facial features -- appear to have heads made out of lumpy plaster. Sometimes referred to by fans as the "Rubberoids". They also appear to be Cyborgs at times. The race as a whole seems to be on a tight budget.


3. Non-Humanoid Bipeds

These include all of the following: The Lobsterman, The Plantman, The Fossilman, The Frostman, The Fishman, The Thisman, The Thatman (Man, enough already!). They are usually hostile and all seem to have a fascination with the Seaview's reactor, as if it were the only one in the world! There is also an occasional giant plankton or amoeba that will be a threat to the crew, but these are rare exceptions.


4. The Really Hairy Alien/ Werewolf Races

"Brand of the Beast" and "Man-Beast" apply here.


5. The Aliens with Human-like Mouths Race

Monster/alien races where only the mouth and teeth look human -- this includes the menfish of "Deadly Amphibians".


6. The "I Talk, But Through ESP Voiceover" Alien Race

The shadowy entity as seen in "The Shadowman". Also, the brain-like entity in "Monster from the Inferno."


7. The Aliens With Stockings Over Their Faces Race

The first-attempt cyborgs as seen in "The Cyborg", and the aliens in "Deadly Invasion."


8. The "We're Just Like You" Alien Race

Robek in "Attack!" Sam Garrity in "Deadly Invasion", crewman Keeler in "Savage Jungle", and Jim Bentley in "Nightmare". 


9. Sexism Among Alien Races

There appears to be a lack of female representation among the alien races in the IA Universe. Could it be that sexual reproduction is no longer necessary for the continuance of a particular race? Perhaps cloning or asexual reproduction is at work (micro-organisms like the Hydra and Ameba) since most invading alien beings are referred to as a hyphenated man. Perhaps the alien women are at home raising the kids, baking cookies and whatnot, while their hubbies are trying to steal nuclear power and otherwise going about wrecking havoc in the universe????

Copyright 1997 by Doug Diamond

Special thanks to Charles Mento for his hilarious contributions.

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