Welcome to Bravo Zulu!

Our goal is to publish Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea tales that remain true to Irwin Allen's vision for our favorite show. In keeping with the spirit of the show (and the '60's) remember all material should be within a G to PG-13 rating. We will happily work with you to edit any story that is submitted to us.

'Coulda Been' Episodes:

Action, adventure, mystery, espionage, humor, and even monsters were all a part of Voyage. However heavy romance and graphic violence were not. Do you have a story that answers, "Yes!" to the question: "Could this have been filmed as an episode?" If so, this is the category for you.

Shorter Takes:

We all love a good short story, vignette, or outright comedy, too. For this category we're more flexible with our mission statement; however -- here more than ever -- we prefer a lighter touch with the elements of romance and violence.

Sea Chanties and Other Poetry:

This catagory includes poems, limericks, and songs. The G to PG-13 rating still applies but beyond that have fun with the characters and send us something to sing with our shipmates over a tankard of ale or a glass of rum!


These can range in length and style from short-short stories to novelettes. Voyage characters and situations should be featured prominently, but let your imagination go wild as you plan whom to feature them with!

Finally, when you submit you are affirming that you are the author and copyright owner of the work submitted, and that you have the authority to do so without violating or infringing upon anyone else's rights in so doing.

We are looking forward to hearing from loyal fans of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Your submissions can be sent to bravozulu73@yahoo.com.

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