What is "the spirit" you ask?

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was an epic fantasy of a somewhat simpler time. Good and Evil were black and white with very little blurring of the line. The officers of the Seaview were self-confident and secure in their own identity. Characters with serious self doubts or character flaws were always secondary.

As with all fiction set in someone else's universe, there are a few of rules you have to follow:

  1. No original characters may be crippled or killed. If you need to kill someone, you have to create them first.
  2. Basic suppositions cannot be changed. (i.e. Seaview is the largest, fastest sub in the world.)
  3. Personal relationships can be no more explicit than originally portrayed . . . a light, romantic kiss is fine, but anything beyond that should be left up to the imagination.
  4. Violence. The amount and style of combat is set by the original stories. In Voyage there was a fair amount, but none of it graphic.

On the other hand, Irwin Allen's lack of character development has left us an entire world of possibilities to explore and enjoy!

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