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'Coulda Been' Episodes Shorter Takes

Lost by Middie Rosie (1/6/99)
Is the Exec on board? . . . is he AWOL? . . . or is he Lost?

Tiger Cruise by naloma (1/6/99)
This is just a relaxing reunion cruise, right? Not with Mr. Pem aboard!

The Face of Fear by China Jade (1/6/99)
It may be "virtual reality", but the fear is very real.

But for the Grace by China Jade (4/10/99)
A learning experience for the Admiral (and the Exec)

Regret's Dark Season by Beth Kauffman (5/6/99)
A wonderful tale of regret, courage, faith, and reconciliation.

Mission of Mercy by naloma (6/2/99)
The People's Republic has a new face. It's the one in the mirror.

La Cantina by Chris Allen (7/27/99)
Uh oh. Poor Chip is "following the Captain's lead" again.

Command Decision by Beth Kauffman (3/4/00)
Has the Captain ever had to make so difficult a decision?

Overture by Grace Anastasia (3/4/00)
Well . . .maybe not. But we wish it coulda been an episode.

Reprise by Theresa Karle (5/21/00)
"Overture" and "Reprise" make the perfect bookends for the Phantom episodes.

The Monster and Mehrisout by naloma (8/01/02) As if the lady doctor on board isn't causing enough havoc . . . wait till the real fun starts!

The Game by Middie Rosie (1/6/99)
Army vs Navy, O'Brien vs the food, and Chip vs the fuse box.

Conned by naloma (1/6/99)
Who's conning whom?

Dinnertime by Bruce Strong (1/6/99)
Will the good Captain ever get to eat?

Fade to Gray by Teela (1/19/99)
Oh no! The Captain's down for the count. . .again!

Local Union #629 by Teela (2/8/99)
So that's what causes the Seaview rock'n'roll!

In the Line of Duty by Chris Allen (4/10/99)
Who's snuggling with the Captain?

Carpool by Middie Rosie (6/23/99)
Poor Stu Riley is not having a good day.

The Best Man by Grace Anastasia (8/14/99)
Chip resigns . . . is Lee the reason?

Decision by Middie Rosie (1/15/2000)
Curly helps the Admiral make the right decision.

Ickory Dickory Doc by Cindy D Baker (8/10/2001)
Ski has a problem: It's Riley. Riley has a problem: He's "confused." But Doc just smiles. Another POV concerning our favorite unnamed medic.

Just Desserts by Middie Rosie (10/20/2001)
Some familiar faces come to Seaview's rescue, and get their . . . you get the picture.

Windows by Cindy D Baker (8/7/2002)
Chip and Lee assist a fellow submariner . . . but who is he?

Sea Chanties and other Poetry


Irwinocky by naloma (4/10/99)
(with apologies to Lewis Carroll)

The Unofficial Episode Guide by Bruce Strong (10/16/99)
TV Guide should be so lucky!

Close but No Seger by Bruce Strong (5/15/01) -
The Captain Loves Rock'n'Roll Music!

Western Waters by Bruce Strong (3/15/00)
Believe it or not, there is a way to get Lee Crane and Little Joe together!

Two Conversations by Middie Rosie (3/15/00)
And while we're at it, how about the good Doc and . . . you'll see ;-)

Terror From the Deep by China Jade (6/26/00)
A CHiPs / Voyage Crossover with the accent on CHiPs . . . and fun!

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