by naloma
(with apologies to Lewis Carroll)

'Twas grimllig and the doomly mers
Did spark and clarkle in the main;
All wolvesy were the adm'ralers
And beaster was the crane.

"Beware the Irwinock, my son!
With mind all shut, and purse all sealed!
Beware the Welshish bird, and shun
The baltering Woodfield.

"To the Harrinel, you may safely turn;
Whose mind doth subly fly and growl.
Flee not the Leelee skip, nor spurn
The golderish Chipperowl."

With riley missile all failsafed,
Longtime the pemsome foe he sought-
Then took a stand on Pattersland,
And waited, 'skied in thought.

As thus in sharkish mood stood he,
The Irwinock, with thoughts askew,
Came kreug'ring through the phantly sea,
And crushunked as it flew.

Fire One! Fire two! And through and through
The riley dart went jigger-stark!
He left it cold, and took its soul
Gaflanking through the dark.

"And hast thou slain the Irwinock?
Come to my arms, my onish boy!
Oh monstry day! Harryoh! Leelay!"
He chippled in his joy.

React'ring crewly all that day
they frested him, and doc
Sedresting went to the chiplee bay
For bensoned was the 'Nock.

'Tis grimllig and the doomly mers
Still spark and clarkle in the main;
But homely head the seasailors:
Seaviewing obnose pane.

Copyright 1999 by naloma
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